Vacation rental solutions

Vacation rentals look very different these days. From Airbnb and VRBO to other short-term rental properties, non-traditional vacation stays are more popular than ever. But running a successful vacation rental can be a hands-on process, and the added responsibility of security measures can be overwhelming. However, with access control solutions and video surveillance, you can turn your vacation rental property into a passive income stream while ensuring the safety of your guests. Let us help you make your vacation rental experience hassle-free and secure.

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Temporary access and mobile passes
Scheduled mobile passes

Manage check-in times with ease by scheduling mobile passes for guests when their unit is ready for them.

Temporary access_
Temporary access

By setting an expiration date and time on all mobile passes sent to guests, you are ensuring the safety of your property while avoiding the need to collect keys from renters at checkout.

Access tracking
24/7 monitoring

Have peace of mind knowing your guests and property are always protected with 24/7 monitoring.

License plate recognition
Access tracking

Remotely track who has access to your vacation rental property 24/7.

Space-specific access passes
Space-specific access passes

Manage your guests’ access to shared amenity spaces through access control solutions.

Intelligent facility management
Real-time mobile access

No more driving to a property to let guests in for last-minute bookings! Issue and revoke mobile passes in real-time through the convenience of your mobile device.


Dependable technology
Dependable technology

Allow the technology to give you peace of mind using sensors that detect temperature and water irregularities.

Hands-off property management
Hands-off property management

Managing your vacation rental should not be a full-time job.

Cost-effective for tight budgets
Cost-effective for optimal profit

See the most profit from your vacation rental property using affordable and scalable technology.

Easy integration with_
Easy integration with third-party systems

Our access control technology easily integrates into your current property management technology.

Secure access
Manage multiple properties with ease

With remote security systems, you can easily manage multiple vacation properties without having to be on-site, leading to potential growth and expansion.


accessio-control (1)
Access control

A key tool in a vacation rental property manager’s arsenal, access control solutions allow for a seamless and hand-off at check-out and check-in for guests.

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Video surveillance

Investing in remote security solutions such as video surveillance cameras not only creates the peace of mind of knowing your investment is secure, but also ensures the safety of your guests. With cameras strategically placed on the property’s exterior and in communal areas, both owners and guests can feel confident in their personal safety and privacy.

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Video intercom

Video intercom systems with two-way communication allow you to assist guests in accessing the property from your mobile device! No need for travelling to the unit to assist.

Vacation properties can be easy-to-manage passive income for the owner when access control and video surveillance solutions are implemented. Our team of experts can help you find the ideal solution to keep your property and your guests secure.

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