Flex space solutions

Flexible workspaces are becoming increasingly popular. However, ensuring secure access to these spaces can be a challenge. Our remote access solutions offer a convenient and secure way to manage access to coworking spaces, boardrooms, event spaces, and more. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of modern workplaces, making them particularly well-suited to hybrid work environments. With our solutions, you have the flexibility and control to improve security and efficiently manage your workspace.

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Temporary access and mobile passes
Scheduled mobile passes

Send scheduled guest passes to your visitors’ mobile devices, providing them access when they check-in, which expires when they check-out.

Temporary access_
Temporary access

Assign temporary access and revoke user credentials from anywhere using your smart device.

Access tracking
24/7 monitoring

Real-time analytics and incident detection can track occupancy, prevent overcrowding, perform contact tracing, streamline operations and improve employee experiences.

License plate recognition
License plate recognition

Capture and track license plate data in real-time to identify parking offenders, enforce compliance and speed up investigations.

Intelligent facility management
Intelligent facility management

Track who is coming and going, issue mobile guest passes with ease and verify the location of everyone in your facility in the case of an emergency.

Touchless access
Touchless entry

Manage shared flexible spaces with safe and convenient touchless entry, reducing the risk of transmission of viruses.


Cost-effective for tight budgets
Scalable and affordable

Easily expand your security solutions to multiple locations. Keep your properties and people safe without breaking the bank.

Hands-off property management
Hands-off property management

Allow members access to your property so they can work and collaborate around the clock without needing on-site staff to manage the building.

Dependable security
Security through occupancy tracking

Quickly and accurately determine who is on-site, improving emergency response times and keeping everyone safe.

Easy integration with_
Easy integration with third-party systems

Seamlessly connect your new system with your current third-party tools, such as tenant management software or building automation systems, streamlining operations.

Smart elevator functions
Elevator management

Restrict visitor access to specific floors, preventing unauthorized entry into sensitive or private areas.


accessio-control (1)
Access control

Manage access and monitor your flex spaces in real time. Only grant entry to authorized personnel during designated hours.

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Video surveillance

24/7 monitoring and advanced analytics can help quickly identify potential security threats, track occupancy levels and optimize operations.

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Video intercom

Manage visitors from anywhere with a secured entry system that allows users to quickly and easily identify and talk with visitors before remotely granting them access.

As more people opt for flexible work arrangements, it’s essential to ensure the safety, security and convenience of flex spaces. Our technologies provide remote monitoring, access control, two-way communication and attendance tracking, allowing for efficient offsite management. If you’re looking for innovative technologies to help streamline your operations and enhance your security, contact us today.

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