Accesio is a division of Action Security Locksmiths—family-owned and operated and proudly serving Edmonton and area since 1976.

We are truly family. Action Security Locksmiths founder, Herbert McKinnon, sold the company to his sons, Doug and Gord McKinnon, in 1988. They continue to run the company today. Herbert’s granddaughter, Haley McKinnon, is also a part of the Accesio team. Together with our extended Action and Accesio teams, we provide exceptional services and products to our clients.

Our team

The Accesio team is diverse, with experience in lock hardware and security, sales, customer service and project management. Our personalities mold us into a team where the sum is worth more than individual parts. Together, we work behind the scenes to make your experience with access control solutions as smooth as possible.

Mike (1)

Mike Ridgway | Project Manager & Outside Sales

Mike is our fearless leader. He comes from a project management and electrical background with substantial experience in commercial and industrial facility maintenance. He is a strong communicator and loves to connect and share experiences. Mike is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys camping.


Ted Tetreau | Sales Manager

Ted is our courageous sales manager. He comes from a solid sales background of 38 years, with the past 16 years in the lock and security industry. He has 15 years experience as the manufacturer’s representative for Abloy Canada. Ted is now managing the sales teams for both Accesio and Action Security Locksmiths. Ted enjoys camping, golfing, and fishing—anything to be outdoors. He is also a huge Edmonton Oilers fan.

Haley (1)

Haley McKinnon | Marketing Coordinator

Haley grew up in the lock and security industry, cutting her very first key at 17 years old. Her grandpa first opened Action Security Locksmiths in 1976, with her dad and uncle purchasing the business and running it since 1998. She is excited to be joining the family business with Accesio. Haley enjoys curling up with a good book, cuddling with her cat and going on adventures with her husband.


While we operate out of Edmonton, our team is happy to provide installations throughout Alberta. Located outside of Alberta? Reach out! We may be able to help.

Yes! As a division of Action Security Locksmiths, we have access to experienced and skilled locksmiths who can install both your access control solutions and your lock and door hardware.

Simply put, video surveillance systems improve the security of your building. By monitoring entry points, workspaces, and hallways, you have a complete picture of what is going on within your space. As with all technology, video surveillance systems are getting smarter and more advanced and include license plate and facial recognition, data collection and interpretation, and AI technology.

Accesio’s access control solutions allow for building management to be done through your mobile phone or computer. This means you can be anywhere in the world and still monitor and manage your building’s access and security.

An intercom system allows for two-way communication between two points. Earlier intercoms consisted of walkie-talkies and two-way radios. While the mobile phone has taken on the communication role, modern intercom systems still have an essential role in security. As part of an access control system, an intercom security system allows people in a building to hear or see the person who wants to enter before granting them access.

When choosing a commercial security system, businesses usually have two options: cloud-based security or on-premise security. What is the difference?

  • On-premise systems, as the name suggests, are a security technology that requires an on-site server to run the access control software. In addition to the hardware (such as control boards and door readers), a company purchases a license to run the necessary software on its local servers. With on-premise security technology, the company is responsible for managing its own servers.
  • Cloud-based security technology runs on a system of remote servers over the internet, meaning you don’t need a dedicated server specialist to maintain them—it’s taken care of for you. This technology also eliminates the need for a local server at each location. Generally, a cloud-managed service is available as a subscription model with a monthly or annual fee.

The hybrid work model is here to stay! Employers and building managers need to adapt and find solutions to accommodate the coming and going of employees. Some of our solutions include:

  • Scheduling and phone-based access to shared meeting rooms and workspaces
  • Keyless entry solutions
  • Entry key cards and key fobs
  • Video surveillance for employee safety
  • Parking garage security

We offer many solutions for securing your parking garage without needing to hire more security personnel. Some of our solutions include:

  • Fob and key card parking lot systems
  • Mobile parking lot entry and exit control systems
  • Surveillance cameras
  • License plate recognition cameras
  • Occupancy tracking and management
  • Better security. Keyless entry systems remove the concern of easy to lose or copy keys. The unique credentials given to each user are difficult for an outsider to access or copy. Additionally, many electronic doors have end-to-end encryption to protect user data.
  • Easier to manage. With traditional building locks, every time there is a new employee or vendor, you need to cut and issue a new key. The mobile-based access solution allows you to issue and revoke building access credentials in real-time.
  • More data insights. With traditional keys, you can’t tell when a door has been opened and who opened it. A cloud-managed keyless entry provides peace of mind and secure information. From an off-site location, you can monitor the coming and going of employees and vendors within your building.
  • Improved control. Have you ever wanted to give someone partial access to a building? Whether limiting the doors visitors can open or when they can open them, cloud access solutions give you total control over your facility.

Looking for a remote-access solution?

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